• Strengthened centre block design promotes straight driving stability and handling at high speed.

  • Shoulde edge arc-shaped density design prevents unusual abrasion, ensures smooth transition and promotes braking & handling performance.

  • Independent pattern block + edge chamfer design promotes pattern block rigidity and stability at high speed in wet or dry road conditions.

  • Four straight circumferential grooves + six pitch design -> Water removal for safe handling in wet roads and maximum noise reduction for comfort.

دریافت مستندات

مشخصات فنی DC100

BrandSizePly RatingLoad Index & Speed Rating
Double Coin205/50R17 93W
Double Coin215/45R17 91W
Double Coin215/45ZR17  
Double Coin225/45R17 94W
Double Coin225/45ZR17  
Double Coin235/45R17 97W
Double Coin235/50R17 96W
Double Coin235/55R17 99W
Double Coin245/45R17 99W
Double Coin255/45R17 98W
Double Coin225/45R18 95W
Double Coin235/40R18 95Y
Double Coin235/45R18 98W
Double Coin235/50R18 97W
Double Coin245/40R18 97W
Double Coin245/45R18 100W
Double Coin245/50R18 100W
Double Coin245/40ZR18  
Double Coin255/45R18 99W
Double Coin225/45R19 96W

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